Holocaust references for those who asked

The number of  WWII holocaust survivors id dwindling daily as we approach our 80’s and 90’s (less than 100,00 child survivors, hidden children, or Death camp survivors in the US) and comparable numbers in Israel, Europe and Russia). However, a number of organizations exist in the US and Europe who are composed of survivors and their descendents. In the Boston Mass.  area these mainly comprise: The  “American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors of the Holocaust and their Descendants, The Federation of Child Survivors of the Holocaust, and Generations After. they all have web sites which contain and newsletters and by contacting directly you can subscribe to these. As Survivors we speak at numerous HS and colleges which teach the Holocaust and use materialds from Facing History and Ourselves, We have been interviewed by Stephen Spielberg’s Foundation on the Shoah in LA, and of course many of us are all involved with local chapters and the Wash. DC Holocaust Memorial Museum.

We have also had many survivors write a number of books which are available from Book Stores, Libraries and Amazon. In adition there are National associations such as All-generations  and H-justice on the internet which share news of survivor meetings and finding of still more survivor connections. The survivor from my safe hiding place in Vichy, France (about a hundred children in Chateau de la  La Hille in  Montegut-Plantorel  ,a small village in souithern France have actually created an Association with the community and established a small museum with some of our photos and othe rartifacts at what used to be aschool some of us went to.You can look many of these pictures by going on U-tube  or on Google to see videos or share in many of the stories, The videos  I have included in my website are all on U-tube and were made by local Public access TV stations.

Fred Manasse  December 2013