End of 2016 additions

In 2014 , along with 5 other sculptors who won a competition to provide suitable art for a cemetery, I won a prize to provide a sculpture for the Milton, MA Cemetery and entered a sculpture in memory of my sister Myriam who was murdered in a death camp in Poland along with 1,500,,000 other children in the Holocaust. After several months of exhibition, I decided to donate the piece to the cemetery so that I would now have a place to mourn her. The piece is shown below









MILTON installation after 2014









In the fall of 2016, an act of vandalism occurred at the Milton cemetery and, probably as a hate crime, the sculpture was deliberately  partially destroyed by breaking the bronze portion off the pedestal. What remained prompted a vigil by a combined religious group of 100 people. led by local ministers and rabbis,It included my daughter and her children, who read a memorial that I wrote in memory of the 1,500.000 children. The police looked in vain for a couple of weeks but the bronze was not returned nor found and so what remains at the cemetery at the present is shown below