About the Sculptor



I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience.

My Abbreviated Biography

I was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1935 and was hidden in France during most of the war with my brother. I lost my father, mother and sister in the Holocaust (they were exterminated at Auschwitz). I came to the US in early 1945 and lived in a variety of foster homes in NY until I graduated from City College in NY, married and worked as an electrical engineer at Bell Labs. I won a fellowship to study at Princeton University, and got my PhD in Physics in 1962. I served as Professor of EE at several universities (CCNY, Princeton, Dartmouth, Drexel, as Chairman of EE, and finally UNH as Prof. and Ass’t Dean). as well as being a consultant to several companies (Sanders, Loral, Ferrofluidics). In 1976, and responding to the call by Pres. Carter for people to work in renewable energy, I reduced my association at UNH to half time and started my own solar energy company, AETA, and ran it for 10 years, installing hot water and photovoltaic systems in numerous homes and commercial businesses in NH and MA. When that industry lost its federal and state tax incentives, I returned to working in the defense electronics industry and did it for more than 20 years (MITRE, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin). I received a number of Patents and published many papers and reports during this perio

After I retired in 2002, I decided to devote my time to one of my many hobbies, working in stained glass and then after a few years of doing that, I discovered ceramics. After several years of study at Framingham State College and at the Harvard-Radcliffe ceramics studio, I decided to concentrate on sculpture and changed to working with live models and oil based clay to create more figurative work. Along with several others, I joined a master sculptor and apprenticed to her to become a serious figurative sculptor. I created more than two dozen figurative works in Resin or bronze. In all of my clay based figures I want to let my passions and emotions dominate the pieces I create rather than slavishly trying to make accurate representations of what I see directly. I work in clay and wax and about 4 years ago I learned to carve in stone and have about a half dozen pieces in this new medium. Over the last 7 years I have exhibited several of my figurative bronzes in competitive events under the auspices of the Cape Cod Art Association, the Newton Art Association (NAA), the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center (CSSC) in Vermont and the New England Sculpture Association, in all of which I am a member. I also serve as a Trustee of the CSSC.

About 4 years ago, I realized that my earlier experiences in Nazi Europe deserved to be represented by sculptural work in addition to my written and oral presentations. That work, mostly in Bronze is related to the holocaust. One of my sculptures is called “My Diaspora” and tells my own holocaust survival story in an assembled Bronze. It won a prize in a national exhibition in Cape Cod as well as a third place in the Bonnar competition for the NAA. In 2010, I included it and other work related to the holocaust in an exhibition held at the Hebrew College, for which I was also the curator. More recently I have exhibited some of my stone pieces in competitions, including a new piece comprised of both marble and Bronze entitled “For the 1.5 Million Children” (who perished in the holocaust) at a gallery in Lake Sunapee NH and my most recent work (first abstract work in white Vermont Marble) entitled “The Geometrodynamics of Black Holes” at the Arsenal Gallery for the Arts in Watertown MA.

I have also continued to exhibit or hold Open Studios in many local galleries including the Brush in Lowell and the New Art Center in Newton. In addition under NESA or NAA sponsorship, I have exhibited my work at the Transportation Building in Boston, the Armenian Library and Museum in Watertown, the Arlington, Belmont and Newton Town Halls, and also exhibited my work at several Universities including the University of Northern Colorado in Golden CO, Tufts University, Brandeis University and Bridgewater State in MA. I continue to enter my work in many competitions and will have 5 pieces on Exhibition in Vermont and Cambridge MA in late April and early May. I have also recently gotten a commission for a work from one of my physicians (a human spine and pelvis),which I created in wax and cast into Bronze in March.

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